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The Best Destinations In Bolivia - Santa Cruz - El Beni 

Noel Kempf National  Park Tours

Amboro National Park Tours

El Pantanal Tours

Kaa Iya National Park Tours

We are a legal Tour Operator with more than 17 years working  on ....Read More.

We offers a high variety of experiences. Specially in National Parks.

We put together excursions to the new places deep of the bolivian Amazon/jungle.

Types of Excursions of Amboro Tours

Amboro Tours is a Bolivian Tour Operator. We offers different types of trips to a variety of destinations in the Low lands of Bolivia.

Some can be adventure trips others are more relaxing without much effort.

We travel to show you our cultural destinations and specially those recongzed by UNESCO ( United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization)

A world unique national park is Kaa Iya and we are proud to be pioneers in organizing trips to this park

We also offers special destinations in Amboro Park . On the North Side.We have tours to La Chonta, and special excursions to Mataracu entrance. On the south side we go to Refugio Volcanes.

Tours of one day or  two days to Samaipata and Giant Ferns are  good options. Or a combination of Samaipata and Amboro South side

Another very special national park is Noel Kempf M. We operate both sides of this park. The North Side and the South Side

The biggest wet land of the world is also our destination. In El Pantanal we go to the bolivian and paraguayan sides incluiding  Tres Gigantes lodge. And Otuquis National park in Bolivia

Ruta Del Che . During this trip is possible to visit Vallegrande and La Higuera in 2 days 1 night 

The Gran Chiquitania of Santa Cruz has many destinations including the Jesuit Missiones of ChiquitosChochis with Santiago de Chiquitos and Aguas Calientes.

Full Day 

BuenaVista  -  Samaipata  -  Jesuit M.Chiquitos -

Short Excursions

-  Mennonites Colonies 

- Sand Dunes / Lomas De Arena

- City Tours

- Botanical Garden

- Jungle Trekking Private Park

El Beni 

El Beni is a huge flat  landcape furrowed  by many rivers and with hundreds of lakes. Below some tours in this region of Bolivia.

Bella Vista Tucunare - Los Lagos Lodge - Chuchini

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