Tours to Best Destinations in Santa Cruz and El Beni regions

Amboro Tours is a Tour Operator with more than 17 years working  on destinations in the tropical part of Bolivia.

We operate tours to the best destinations in Santa Cruz and El Beni region.

We offers a high variety of experiences. Specially in National Parks.

Amboro Tours goes where others do not wanna go. We put together excursions to the new places deep in the bolivian Amazon/jungle.

A world unique national park is Kaa Iya and we are proud to be pioneers in this park

We also offers special destinations in Amboro Park National park.  We visit La Chonta and Mataracu and by the south side we go to Refugio Volcanes.

It is possible to put together a tour to visit El Fuerte in Samaipata and Refugio Los Volcanes during a two days combination tour.

Another very special national park is Noel Kemp. Amboro Tours operate both sides of this park

The biggest wet land of the world is also our destination. In El Pantanal we go to the bolivian and paraguayan sides with Tres Gigantes

The Gran Chiquitania of Santa Cruz has many destinations including the Jesuit Missiones of Chiquitos, Chochis with Santiago de Chiquitos and Aguas Calientes

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