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About Amboro Tours

Amboro Tours

About Amboro  Tours. We offer a variety  of tourist packages from standard tours to, unique and special experiences of real adventure.

We operate the national parks of Bolivia. We arrive where no other wants / can reach.

We set up excursions to new and inaccessible places deep in the Amazon jungle.

Tour Operator in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Amboro Tours

Amboro Tours is a legal  Bolivian Company with the Following Registers:

Department of Tourism, prefecture of Santa Cruz; # RD 07-VT-0075 & # RD 07-VT-203/07

National Register of Internal Taxes - NIT; # 2931788012

City Hall of Santa Cruz; # 222953

Fundaempresa; # 00125486

National Intellectual Property; # 125696 & # 126089

We have been working since the year 1999 without interruptions and directly operating tourist destinies, servicing and supporting Receptive Tourism based on the field experiences  of our leaders with updates continuously transmitted to the staff.

Amboro Tours is recommended by Travel Books like; Lonely Planet, Rough Guide, Foot Prints and others around the world

Our greatest satisfaction and challenge is to please our customers in all the types of Tours we offer. Especially in excursions or expeditions where the visitor is in direct contact with the Flora and where he/she can have exciting encounters with the wild Fauna in its natural habitat. With this we give great satisfaction to the highest  expectations of many  travelers which in many cases travel thousands of kilometres in different countries and natural parks to have these special encounters.

 The  years of experience of our leaders right  in the field

 We are doing this because we enjoy it and because we want to give you satisfaction.

We believe that the universe in general and in particular the Earth has to be admired and respected.

About Amboro Tours How All began 

Amboro Toiurs Marcos Velasco

The main responsible of this travel agency / tour operator started visiting Amboro N. Park because he felt (And feels) a the great admiration for the nature and the feeling of a need for adventure-experiences in the unexplored wild jungles in Bolivia

Amboro Tours began to operate organized tours more than 20 year ago. Our first destination was Amboro National park north side.

Amboró National Park in central Bolivia is a nature reserve with over 800 species of birds, over 125 mammalian species including puma, ocelots, and the rare Spectacled Bear (Tremarctos ornatus).

Since then our destinations were preferably in nationals parks and where there was a challenge to achieve.This is a little story about Amboro Tours

About  Amboro Tours - Laguna Chaplin

Refugio Huanchaca Airfield
Chaplin Lake Noel Kempf Tours

In the year 2015 we were able to organise a air-land expedition aimed to a place where no one had been able to visit it in the last three decades, it is lake with plenty of wild life located in the middle of a dense forest in a national park. This destination does not have any direct access road Amboro Tours together with a team of guides and with a good planned logistic was able to achieve this goal in a trip of about 20 days.

Noel Kemp park Jeep Land Cruiser

Nowadays our destination are all over the green part of Bolivia including almost all the national parks like Amboro National Park Noel Kempf Mercado N. Park, El Pantanal, cultural tours, example; The Jesuit Missions of Chiquitos, Che Guevara, City tours and others.

About Us - Touristic Book Guides 

Touristic books guide

Amboro Tours is in many books guides. Some contact information on some of these books is not updated.

To see the different ways you may get in touch with us please go to our Contact Us page on this website.

Nowadays we have closed our office in the city of Santa Cruz Bolivia. We can arrange a tour online, or if you wish to see us we are in BuenaVista village near Amboro National park north side.

Visitor's Reviews

27 OCT. 2022

- Goeie organisatie, alles ging super vlot ondanks de onvoorziene omstandigheden. Onze gids Hernon was fantastisch!

3 OCT. 2022
We had a wonderful 3-day trip in the Amboro park. Marco organised the tour perfectly. Our guide, Hernan, is a very pleasant person, took us to lovely places, told us many interesting things and is a very good cook. Amboró Tours may not be the cheapest but in comparison you get a lot for your money: super guide, super food, super organised. Everything went without a hitch. A highlight in our Bolivia travel. Bravo!

3 OCT. 2022

jours et 2 nuits à 5 personnes dans le nord du parc Amboro 😍
Un grand merci à Marcos de l’agence Amboro tour qui nous a programmé un séjour de 3 jours en immersion dans la jungle !


Sept. 2022

Reliable company
I booked a 2D1N tour with Amboro Tours to do Amboro National Park. All the communication upfront was very good and clear. I also made a downpayment. But due to (possible) roadblocks in Santa Cruz the day of our departure, we decided to cancel our trip. Amboro helped to do research about the roadblocks and then made no problem to cancel, and they quickly reimbursed all the money I transfered. So Amboro seems like a honest and reliable tour company!

Nov. 2019

Birdwatching Tour
Amboro handled all of our ground arrangements for a bird watching tour in Bolivia. Unfortunately for us, our tour coincided with the Boilivian Elections and by the time we arrived in Cochabamba travel by road became impossibe due to increasing roadblocks.

Amboro helped rearrange our trip to Uyuni (bring that part forward), sorted out airtickets at no cost to us, and refunded the unused portion of our tour without complaint. Due to flight delays, we also could not get to Amboro National park, but Amboro sorted out alternative accommodation seamlessly.

Their helpfulness and honesty cannot be faulted, and I would have no hesitation using Amboro again if we get back to Bolivia.

When travelling in Bolivia, you expect some hiccups alongh the way, but Amboro made it as easy as they possibly could

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