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About Amboro Tours

Tour Operator in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Amboro Tours

Amboro Tours is a legal  Bolivian Company with the Following Registers:

    Department of Tourism, prefecture of Santa Cruz; # RD 07-VT-0075 & # RD 07-VT-203/07

    National Register of Internal Taxes - NIT; # 2931788012

    City Hall of Santa Cruz; # 222953

    Fundaempresa; # 00125486

    National Intellectual Property; # 125696 & # 126089

We have being working since the year 1999 without interruptions and directly operating tourist destinies, servicing and supporting Receptive Tourism based on the field experiences  of our leaders with updates continuously transmitted to the staff.

Amboro Tours is recommeded by Travel Books like; Lonely Planet, Rough Guide, Foot Prints and others around the world

Our greatest satisfaction and challenge is to please our customers in all the types of Tours we offer. Especially in excursions or expeditions where the visitor is in direct contact with the Flora and where he/she can have exciting encounters with the wild Fauna in its natural habitat. With this we give great satisfaction to the highest  expectations of many  travelers which in many cases travel thousands of kilometers in different countries and natural parks to have these special encounters.

    The  years of experience of our leaders right  in the field

    We are doing this because we enjoy it and because we want to give you satisfaction.

    We believe that the universe in general and in particular the Earth has to be admired and respected.

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