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Terms & Conditions - Amboro Tours 

Amboro Tours Terms  &  Conditions

Payment; To book for a tour or any service, a payment is needed in advance. The balance has to be paid before the commencement of the Tour or any other services.

Pick Up / Drop Off; It is at your place when it is in downtown (Inside the first Ring of Santa Cruz city

A) Cancellations; if the client wishes or he/she has to cancel for any reason a booked tour or any other service with Amboro Tours, a full refund payment is not possible. In this case Amboro Tours will withhold 25% of the payment for administrative expenses, plus expenses made so far if any.

B) Cancellations; if the cancellation is due to weather conditions, social unrest, Amboro Tours will withhold 5% of the payment for administrative expenses. If the tour has been initiated, the client will additionally pay the expenses made so far.

C) Cancellations and/or Modifications.-Amboro Tours has the right to cancel any tour and any other service, or the modification of its content, when the situation so requires.

Free Willing.- Amboro Tours does not exert any pressure on the visitor or any other means of influence o her/his independent and personal decision to take or not this/these service/s.

Personal injure Insurance .- The participants in this tour declare that he/she has a valid and applicable insurance policy for this tour. Amboro Tour cannot be held responsible for personal injuries during climbing, swimming, or during any other activity. The participants agree to accept all responsibilities for their personal safety and wellbeing on this/these trip/s and enter into the activity knowing of the inherent risks involved in such an activity

Weather Responsibilities.- The participants have full acknowledge that Amboro Tours does not have any control on the changing weather conditions. Amboro Tours does NOT control Social unrest/Road Blockages. Therefore, Amboro Tours cannot be held responsible for changes in the original itinerary.  Delays or any extra expenses like food / lodging due to these situations.

Losses.- Amboro Tours cannot be held responsible for any loss of personal belongings during any tour or excursion. The client/s is aware that should not leave his/her valuables items unattended at any moment. Participants should only carry the amount of money necessary for this trip.

Usufruct.- During any service/s  of Amboro Tours, the drivers, translators and guides are NOT allow to offer any service directly to the visitors. Neither exchange contacts for this purpose.

What to Bring.- The client/s declares that he/she has read  the list  “ What to Bring ?”

Payment for our services is taken as acknowledgment and agreement for these terms & conditions.

Only for participants in Tours to Natural Parks or similar destinations

These tours or excursions are developed in natural places, with narrow footpaths and with many natural obstacles to walk. These obstacles could be roots, unevenness of the land, hollows, streams or rivers without bridges or with fallen trees that do of bridges which can be very slippery.

In the footpaths you also may find some risks to the high of the head like branches of trees with thorns or sharp ends.  Also in the jungles´ footpath you may encounter some spiders´ web.

Streams / Rivers; These could be mighty (after a rain or at raining season). During the development of tours or excursions one or more of these streams and/or rivers may have to be crossed on foot or in another means of transport, like horses or vehicles. In some rivers you may find some stingrays

It is prohibited; According to Bolivian laws under penalty, the handling, transport or drugs e.g. Marijuana, cocaine or other controlled substances. It is prohibited the extraction of seeds or other natural elements in Natural National Parks. It is prohibited to hunt or fish in a natural reserve or to use detergents, shampoo in streams or other natural places.

Wildlife; the observation of some insects or mammal is not guaranteed (unless specified the opposite thing in writing). It is possible that you do not see any animal in all the duration of the excursion.  The reasons can be that the animals are not in the zone at the moment of the excursion. Or simply because the animals smell, listen, see and feel better than humans, and they are 100% Wild. It is not like Africa where some mammals are not surprised to see vehicles or people.

Vipers; in most of these atmospheres different species of vipers exist, although it is    probable that you do not encounter one of them, some of them are poisonous or mortal.

Insects; you may find many of them and some may can cause allergic or other adverse affects to people. Also you may find hundreds of bees in some places.

Transport; The vehicles are not new, and some may  not have A/C.  In some cases most of the routes are without asphalt. The participants during the trip can be exposed to the sun and to the dust among other things. Amboro Tours takes precaution to diminish the danger, but you ought to know some possible conditions of the routes, like; bridges in bad conditions, hollows in the route, trees fallen or small lakes in the routes, streams and/or rivers that sometimes the vehicle will have or will tried to cross. The vehicle once arrives to the end of the road does not wait. It returns to its base. Except in tours of 1 day 0 nights

Feeding; the feeding in general is basic, unless specified the opposite, and most of the cases it is prepared in firewood. Where the vehicle does not arrive, the transport of the food is done by foot and all the participants will have to collaborate. If you prefer any food in particular. please notify Amboro Tours before the tour begins.

Overnight in Tents; When the visitor do not pay for a lodge the overnight is in tents.  It does not include any sanitary service.

Camping Gear; we recommend you to bring your own.  Amboro Tours’ camping gear works but is  not  new. During the walks the transport of any camping gear or water is responsibility of each one of the participants. Each participant is responsible for any camping gear borrowed from Amboro Tours. Do not wear shoes inside the tents !.

Deficiencies and/or Disease; Amboro Tours recommend to all possible participants to abstain themselves from being part of the present tour or excursion in case she/he presents some physical deficiency and /or some serious disease. Once far from the city the transfer to a medical center can delay hours or days.

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