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City Tours Santa Cruz

The city tours Santa Cruz  are at the economic center of Bolivia; this department/region borders Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay.

Santa Cruz de la Sierra is also the capital of the largest and most populous city  of Santa Cruz in Bolivia.

The Santa Cruz region is also the preferred destination within Bolivia for bolivians to work and live.

Santa Cruz city tours are the best option among other city tours in Bolivia because it provides a quick view of a synthesis of Bolivia in terms of its population and culture, although there is a very big  difference between the culture of the western and eastern regions.

The city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra is located in a strategic point, with the Chiquitana forest or region on one side, the mountainous region of valleys with temperate climate on the other, and also very close to the north the  Amazon forest.

Like much of the history of the inhabitants of the region, The area before the arrival of Europeans is not documented in the known language. The tribes of the area were always nomadic, and more than one l dominated different parts of what is now Santa Cruz. Although it is believed that the Chane were the majority.

Remains of ceramics and weapons from the era have been found in the area, leading researchers to believe that they had established settlements in the area. Among the few known facts about these tribes, according to accounts from the first Europeans who came into contact with the Chane, is that they had a formal leader, a chief, named Grigotá for several years.

Programa / City Tours Santa Cruz


These city tours Santa Cruz have a duration of 3.5 hours. We will take you by vehicle through some four or six of the main avenues of the city, passing through very important parts in terms of the value of nature.

On grenn area in the middle  of some avenues, you will be able to appreciate large trees planted many years ago by the initiative of Professor Noel Kempf Mercado, a great promoter for the creation of one of the largest and most important national parks in South America that bears his name. In addition we will visit a municipal nature reserve which is  very representative and important reserve of the flora and fauna of the region. Also a couple of important neighbourhood will be visited during these City tours Santa Cruz

The  city tours Santa Cruz  consists of a vehicle tour through part of the "1st Ring" and part of the "2nd Ring" of the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra. This tour is to appreciate in the city the some main species of trees in the region such as the Mara or Mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla) among others. Afterward, the tour heads to a couple of affluent neighborhoods and continues to another more exclusive area of the city passing over the Pirai River bridge. Then, we return to the "4th Ring" and head to a natural reserve where you can appreciate the flora of this place and there are also great chances of observing birds and mammals such as the Three-toed Sloth and several others, although the observation of any wild animal is not guaranteed.

Santa Cruz city  Uruguay Avenue
Urubo Bridge

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A Sonso and a Cunape Typical bolivian food

Cabañas del Rio Pirai as a place to eat  typical food like Cuñape, (a food made from manioc-flour, water, and cheese, mixed together and baked) Sonso (a food made from manioc, water, and cheese mixed together and baked)

Botanical Garden Santa Cruz

If after visiting these places there is time left. We drive to the Botanical Garden of the city of Santa Cruz. This tourist attraction  is located 15/30 minutes from the city center. The driving time depends on the traffic.


Ave. Uruguay - Santa Cruz Bolivia
Main Plaza - Santa Cruz Bolivia