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Buenavista main

entrance to

Amboro Park

Buenavista main entrance to Amboro Park, visitors can immerse themselves in the rich natural beauty of the Amazon rainforest, explore traditional coffee plantations to learn about cultivation and production processes, and enjoy delicious tastings of handcrafted chocolate. This unique experience offers a perfect blend of adventure, cultural immersion, and culinary delight, making it an unforgettable journey for anyone looking to discover the wonders of Bolivia's diverse landscapes and flavors.

Buenavista main entrance to Amboro ParkBuenavista Coffee Chocolate Jungle

Buenavista main entrance to Amboro Park, is a visit to Buena Vista  town, located less than 2 hours by car from the city of Santa Cruz. For People who puts a bit of attention on the atmosphere of this place may realize that the air or oxygen over here most of the time is very healthy. And the spectacular view of the Amboro Park on clear days is an ideal complement.

For these reasons and others These small town is known as the best town relatively near the city of Santa Cruz.

Among the main pleasure activities that can be perform from this small town are trips of one, two or more  days to the Amazon of Amboro National park. This north side of Amboro National park has more than one entrance and from BuenaVista you can go to any of them, although not all of them are recommended.

Private natural reserves also offer you the possibility  of trekking in secondary forest doing bird watching  and mammals observation. Also  you can visit  some  plantation such as Macadamia, Coffee, Cacao  and others species of plants. Or perhaps the visitors prefer to know more about the artisanal process of the  grain of Coffee or Cacao

Another interesting activities in the nature nearby or in the village of Buenavista are; Quinta CurucusI  y un Acuario Ecalar bastante roganizado y didactico  con muchos peces debidamente clasificados.

In BuenaVista a  visit to the Swiss Cheese Plant known as Queseria  Suiza is also possible. All these activities  can be very  interesting.

This town is the capital c of the province Ichilo in the department of Santa Cruz in eastern Bolivia. It is situated on a hill of 400 meters above sea level which gives mild climate. It is about 100 kilometers northwest of the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra. It was founded by the priest José Casas on February 26, 1723, after the Jesuit Father Juan de Montenegro established a community in those territories. 

It has an annual rainfall of 2,563 mm, with a relative humidity of 80%. Its climate is tropical humid. July is the coldest part of the year and November the warmest month. It has a population of 14,362 inhabitants (2005). Its main attraction is the Amboro National Park, which is an ecological reserve protected by the Bolivian state has an area of 634,600 hectares. 

Buenavista Coffee Chocolate Jungle
 Buena Vista. 
A Cosy Village Near the City of Santa Cruz

Guitarreadas - Fiesta de BuenaVista
Guitarreadas En BuenaVista

On the first Saturday of every month,  Sonia Barrientos ( Famous bolivian artist) organizes an important event worthy of enjoying it, with friends or as a couple. Several renowned artists perform to give life to this very important show full of joy and affection for Buena Vista and Santa Cruz.

It is definitely an effort that deserves the recognition and support of all BuenaVista.

Buenavista Coffee Chocolate Jungle
Cafe Amboro BuenaVista, Santa Cruz
Buenavista Town
Buenavista Coffee Chocolate Jungle
Buenavista Coffee Chocolate Jungle
Buenavista Coffee Chocolate Jungle
Buenavista Coffee Chocolate Jungle
Tajibos Tree

BuenaVista-Santa Cruz- Ichilo-Bolivia


Buenavista main entrance to Amboro Park

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- Amboro N.Park - 1 Full Day

- Buenavista & Surroundings;




  What To Bring..... ?

1 Day 0 Nights

Buenavista main entrance to Amboro Park

 Buenavista main entrance to Amboro Park

 1 Day 0 Nights

Mammals - Forest - Birds 

From the City of Santa Cruz

One Day

At 08:00 am we pass by your hotel to pick you up and start  traveling in a vehicle to Buena vista town. This trip is on a paved road with direction North-East from the city of Santa Cruz.

It is approximately 100 km away from Santa Cruz city. And the drive is likely to last about 1 hour and 45 minutes.

On the way we pass several others towns.

The first is Warnes just 23 kilometers from Santa Cruz. This town is known for the number of industries within its limits  including Viru Viru, the most important airport of Bolivia 

The next city  on our way is Montero. It is the biggest city close to Santa Cruz.

Montero has the largest Sugar cane Industry in Bolivia. Known as "El Ingenio Guabira".

In Montero we may stop for about 15 minutes to try to see some sloths on the trees at its main square 

A sloth in a private reserve

Continuing our route we reach Portachuelo a small town. The twon of Portachuelo is known to be inhabited by mostly native people of the region and its good looking  women. Also this population is known to produced exquisite pork sausages and local made bread 

On the way the vehicle that is transporting us may needs to stop to refill Gas. In Bolivia the gas is a lot cheaper than the gasoline or diesel, but the tank has no much capacity. Everyone needs to get off the vehicle for this operation

From Portachuelo we still have to drive 30 kilometer to the green town of Buenavista.

On the way, far on the left side horizon,  we can we can appreciate de mountains of Amboro National park nature reserve of over half a million hectares,  Amazon jungle, which act as a magnet to attract rain.

Once in Buena vista, It is possible make a short stop for a cup of  coffee which come from local coffee plantations and its quality  is recognized in Europe, USA and Japan

Buenavista Coffee Chocolate Jungle

The plaza of Buenavista has native trees like the high value Mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla) or Caoba.

The moon among mahogany trees Buenavista

Once in this small town visitors have more than one option.

In some cases it is possible to visit 2 or 3 places in 1 day. These will depend on the visitor´s interest and availability of time. 

Below some others  tours than a visitor can enjoy in one day and still have the time to return to the city of Santa Cruz

Buenavista  Surroundings - Option 1

Amboro National park  - Option 2

Main Attractions In Buenavista  - Surroundings 1 Day 0 Nights

Buenavista Tours

We go directly to an area where you have a good chance to see some mammals. in its natural inhabited, such as monkeys and sloths (Bradypus tridactylus) (female) (Bradypus variegatus ) (male) Capybaras (Capybara) and other mammals.  Also is possible to see some rare birds for example one know as Hoatzin (Opisthocomus hoazin).

In this area you can walk on a secondary dirt road for vehicles or we can  walk through the woods. This will depend on ground conditions at the time of the visit.

Surutu River which is is the natural border of Amboro National park in only about 4 km from Buena Vista main plaza

After this place we go by car to another area where we also will have a good chance of seeing more monkeys like the Squirrel Monkeys (Saimiri sciureus sciureus) or the Capuchin monkey and other animals like the Ant Eater bear  know as Manto Negro (tetradactyla tamandua)

As for birds we do have chances of seeing the Toco Toucan (Ramphastos toco) and many other species

Buenavista Coffee Chocolate Jungle

In this other area we walk on a path for vehicles with very little traffic, with secondary forest on both sides.

During the  walks in the rainy season we may have to cross  some puddles or parts of the road over flooded.  Some walks can be on a trail in the woods on the sides of roads in search of more animals or birds.

The trekking in this area can be a total of 5 km or a little more. This always depends on the conditions of the trails and fitness and preference of the guests.

Lunch is going to be  somewhere on the road, trail or when you return the vehicle.

At about  15:00 or 16:00 we  start the way back city of Santa Cruz

Once in Santa Cruz City we drive you to you hotel

End of our services. 

Buenavista main entrance to Amboro Park

Thank You.

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 What To Bring ?

- Sunscreen

- A Cap or a Hat  ( No to be used under the trees or branches)

- Sun Glasses

- A Warm Sweater

- Raincoat

- Swimsuit 

- Insect Repellents

- Long-sleeved shirt- Pants 

- Passport (Original) Or identifications documents valid in Bolivia

- Plastic bags  to protect whatever you do not want to get wet

- Trekking Shoes or others proper Shoes.

- Bring your own medication for your personal needs

- Personal items you may need

- Extra food, cookies or sweets of your choice


Buenavista main entrance to Amboro Park

 Milk Processing Plant


Buenavista Coffee Chocolate Jungle

Fotos Buenavista 

Buenavista Coffee Chocolate Jungle
Buenavista Coffee Chocolate Jungle
Buenavista Coffee Chocolate JungleBuenavista Tours

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