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 Amboro Park Saguayo Tours


Eco-Tourism In Amboro National Park 

Amboro Park Saguayo Tours in the  north Side of Amboro National park. This is an entrance point very near to BuenaVista  the others "Campamentos" are;  Macuñucu, La Chonta, Saguayo, Mataracu, and Ichilo.

Usually no many  tour operators go to the north side of Amboro National park. Visitors need to ask details  the  tours. Example  the name of the entrance point to  the park. This because some tour offices organise tours to some places near or towards the park but these destinations are not in the park.  During the rain season it is harder  to get into the park specially to the  area without human settlements.

For Visitors looking to organise a tour we recommend to coordinate in advance with the company of your preference  or with Amboro Tours office. Online booking is something with more tendency.

Usually when  Visitors stay overnight in  the park  it is necessary to stay overnight in tents.  Most of the tours to Amboro National Park  are to the first part of the park,  where is possible to have private property. If you want to get to the second part of the park you would need to get a good guide or better a tour operator. We recommend Amboro Park Saguayo Tours because the landscape is more flat that in the others entrances and there are a bit more chances of seeing mammals.

Amboro Park Saguayo Tours  

Details - Amboro Park Saguayo Tours

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- What To Bring ....?

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A Brief Program to Amboro Park Saguayo Tours

This program / itinerary is a brief  explanation of the activities of  1,2,3 days  during the tours to Amboro park

1st day.- This tour commences usually  at 8H00 by land  on a car. The first part of this trips takes  about 2 Hours (100 Km) to a town near Amboro National park. At this village we meet the local guide.Here you  switch to a 4WD car. The next ride is  on a dirt road. It may take about 50 minutes or 28 Km after this period of time we   should cross the first river. Which is the natural border  to get into the communities of the park.

In rain season if it has rained too much and the the level of the river is too high  we have to switch cars one more time or  to continue on horses  for about 12 km to reach the overnight place in the jungle.Usually the 4WD crosses the main and almost all the following rivers/streams and  you get to walk about 30 minutes or more  to reach the rustic cabins where we stay overnight.

If you did not hire a porter you need to carry your backpack and your bottles of water all the way to the cabins/ camp site.

After having lunch in the rustic cabins and leaving your big backpack, you may start another trekking, but this time in   in the Amazon jungle trails. But this time without your heavy belongings. The trekking after the rustic cabins are in the part of the park where no people live.

If you took the 1 day 0 nights tour  you have a maximum trekking of 3.5 hours in the jungle or less depending on the arrival time at the jungle trails. Then you  would need to walk to meet the car at maximum 15H30.

If your tour is of  2 days or more at night is also possible to have some trekking. (Always with the guide) This trek is also in the rain forest Amazon. At night in the trails every where you watch is darkness. Specially without the moon light.  At night you may feel different scents of the nocturnal flowers/plants and animals. Some animals choose the night to go around so you may have some more chances  of seeing some wildlife. (We never guarantee seeing any  wildlife/animal). It is necessary to bring a head lamp and  hand torch.

2nd day.-  Usually is possible to have a early 2 / 3 hours trekking before breakfast .. and another trek on different trails after breakfast...If you are taking a tour of 3 days 2 nights, the second day you  start the trekking early after breakfast to go as far as possible inside the park not getting back to the cabins till late evening.

The last day of this Amboro park tours,  the walk back to the vehicle is after lunch at about 14H00.

The arrival to the city o Santa Cruz is about  19H00

End of our services. Thanks.

Please Read The Terms and Conditions of our Services

Likewise, remember that this tour can become an adventure where mishaps can happen, which is why it is necessary to have an exploring and adventurous spirit.

we have created this Amboro park tours and we are  the only original source of this Itinerary

Amboró Tours also offers longer tours to this destination.

Adverse climatology conditions or social unrest can change the original itinerary.   

Amboro Tours - Videos

What To Bring.?


 1 Day 0 Nights  

- Sunscreen

- A Cap or a Hat  ( No to be used under the trees or branches)

- Sun Glasses

- A Warm Sweater

- Raincoat

- Swimsuit ( You may not have time to use it in one day tours)

- Insect Repellents

- Long-sleeved shirt- Pants Light colours 

  Mosquitoes are especially attracted by dark colours)

- Passport (Original) Or identifications documents valid in Bolivia

- Plastic bags  to protect whatever you do not want to get wet

- Trekking Shoes or others proper Shoes.

- Bring your own medication for your personal needs

- Personal items you may need

- Extra food, cookies or sweets of your choice

                      2 or more days – (Besides the items for 1 Day)

- Toilet paper, Towel and others personal items  

-Trekking shoes, A pair of Sandals and/or light Shoes to walk in streams or rivers

- A hand torch Hand & head lamp with enough batteries

- Enough cloth. And a pair of trousers. It should become shorts and dry fast.



1. Follow the guide's instructions 

2. Do not explore on your own 

3. Do not touch any insect or reptile

4. Protect things you want to keep dry by putting them in plastic bags. 

5. Do not litter. Including cigarette butts

6.e careful about SLIPPING and falling, when crossing the rivers and streams or by the natural swimming pools 

7. Do not jump from place to place 

8. Do not smoke or light Candles inside the tents. 

9. Do not lift any rocks or logs 

10. Do not litter

11. In the natural places where you take a bath do not use shampoo or soap

Tropical Diseases.- To minimize the risk of  malaria, or a  tropical disease we 

Strongly recommend the use of long sleeved shirts and pants. During both day and night, and the use of repellents.

Positive Thinking.- When travelling in Bolivia, particularly to remote areas, 

keep in mind that you are travelling in sparsely populated areas where few people go. 

We suggest you a positive mental approach to relax, keep an open min

Deodorant.-  Try not to bring to  the forest strong odor substances Keep In Mind: The changing weather can affect your future plans

- It is prohibited to hunt or capture any animal species or extract plants

- You have to carry your camping gear and water. And you may have to help the guide With 1 or 3 kilos.  Unless you have paid for a porter.

- Likewise, remember that this tour can become an adventure where mishaps can happen, which is why it is necessary to have an exploring and adventurous spirit.



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