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Trinidad Tours Chuchini

Trinidad Tours

The Ecological and Archaeological tourist complex "Chuchini", a name that is in trinitarian language and translated into spanish language means Burrows, or house of the Tiger, is located 15 Km to the north of the city Trinidad on one of the 20,000 artificial hills that exists in the vast territory unknown and mysterious empire of the El Dorado or Gran Paititi which today is called department of Beni. Read More..............

Trinidad Tours

Since 1974 the family Hinojosa (owners) has been carrying out work for the protection and conservation of the ecological, biological and archaeological wealth discovered in this place.

Opening the doors to the whole world to enjoy the idyllic landscapes, Chuchini invites nature lovers to enjoy in all its splendor this natural sanctuary that offers:


Adventure tourism

Scientific Tourism

Recreational tourism

Health tourism

The Resort offers transport from the capital city, hotel cabanas, archaeological museum, restaurant services, observation towers, trails to walk to the jungle, lagoons to perform activities of fishing, swimming, sailing by day and by night, navigation by rivers and endless activities.

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