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Trinidad Tours 

Trinidad, located in the Bolivian green part, This is a tropical hot region. It is heavily forested and many large rivers run through Beni. Trinidad has over 100,000 inhabitants. It was founded in 1686 by Father Cipriano Barace. near the Llanos de Moxos. Its climate is hot and humid.

The City is surrounded by rivers, lakes and lagoons. There are many river tours and restaurants and resorts around the city’s main lagoons. Trinidad is also one of the first five Jesuit mission towns established. the others are San Javier, Loreto, San Pedro and San Ignacio de Moxos as well. Trinidad and San Ignacio de Moxos both take part in the International Baroque Music Festival every two years in Bolivia.

Trinidad has two special museums.  Itícola (Fish Fauna Museum) Museum. It is the second largest of its kind in South America and houses over 400 specimens of fish species found in the region’s lakes and lagoons.

Here you can see tiny fish, piranhas, and a preserved pink river dolphin (full sized floating in formaldehyde). 

Ethno-Archeological (Kenneth Lee)  Museum is also a great place to visit. Here you can see exhibits of pottery, utensils and tools, textiles and other implements used by the Moxos culture.

Trinidad - Flora And Fauna

Capybaras  are very common.  Some times few kilometres away from the city is possible to see entire family walking near the lagoons. These animals are the worlds largest rodent.

The Botanical Museum displays many Amazonian plants like the Queen Victoria Amazonian Water Lilly. This plant is also something common in the area.

El Beni is the region where the endemic Blue Throated Macaws (Ara glaucogularis) live. This specie is  endangered. There is a village near Trinidad where is possible to see them almost the whole year around.

Trinidad - Chuchini

Chuchini; Since 1974 the owner have been carrying out work for the protection and conservation of the ecological, biological and archaeological wealth discovered in this place.

Opening the doors to the whole world to enjoy the idyllic landscapes, Chuchini invites nature lovers to enjoy in all its splendor this natural sanctuary that offers:


Adventure tourism

Scientific Tourism

Recreational tourism

Health tourism

The Resort offers transport from the capital city, hotel cabanas, archaeological museum, restaurant services, observation towers, trails to walk to the jungle, lagoons to perform activities of fishing, swimming, sailing by day and by night, navigation by rivers and endless activities.


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