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Santa Cruz 

Santa Cruz Bolivia - City Tours

Santa Cruz  
City Tour

Santa Cruz - Bolivia

City  Tour 

Santa Cruz de la Sierra  ("Holy Cross of the Mountain Range" )

The city was first founded February 26 of 1561 by Spanish explorer Ñuflo de Chavez about 300 km  east of its current location. It was moved two times, until it was finally established next the Pirai River in the late 16th century in the eastern Tropical Lowlands of Bolivia, 

After Bolivia gained its independence in 1825 there was little attention from the authorities or the population in general to settle the region. It was not until after the middle of the 20th  that the city began to grow at a very fast pace.

Santa Cruz Bolivia, City Tours is a combination of places outside downtown. During this drive we do not go to the main square or any museum. Although the variety of options available allows you to build your own itinerary.

Generally our City Tours lasts between 2 and 2.5 hours. And may include some of the following activities.

 As you must have Heard before. The city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra is divided by  "Rings" These rings are avenues in a form of a circle. The first ring, the second ring, the third and the forth rings go around the city. The fifth and the others next fail to complete the circle due to the presence Pirai river.

The  city tours   starts at your hotel driving to towards  the 1st ring which goes around the oldest part of the city.

During this first part of the tour you can appreciate the different flora found in the centre garden of the First Ring. This part is a lush where  different trees were planted about 45 years ago thanks to the initiative of Professor Noel Kempf Mercado.  A well-known bolivian conservationists. He was killed in a national park  on the airfield of one of a cocaine factories on top of Caparuch plateau when his small plane landed with a team of nature researchers. It happened  the 5th of September of 1986. 

Among the most representative species of the region  is the tree known locally a Mara or Mahogany (Swietenia mocrophylla) The Tajibo  (Tabebuia serratifolia) These Tress on September are blooming some yellow flower 

Also beween this native species of trees harmoniously placed in groups is the Toborochi or Palo Borracho (Ceiba speciosa) Pajarrilla (Caesalpinia pulcherrima), Ambaibos and several others that adorn this avenue well despite the neglect of the authorities to maintain this area in a better conditions.

 After the first ring we drive quickly on the second ring. In this drive to this avenue you can see poor planning on the green part  and roads

The city tour continues driving to residential areas and specially to one with the  highest economic value and fastest growing in Bolivia known as Colinas Del Urubo

As we head to Colinas del Urubo we  passed or crossed more Rings. The 3rd Ring is divided in two  avenues with an internal area that was supposed to be only for equipping the city with  hospitals and other buildings for public use, but for various reasons this land use has changed 

The city of Santa Cruz de La Sierra has more than nine "Rings" and continues to grow rapidly due to the large internal immigration of people from the highlands of the country. To reach Colinas del Urbo is necessary to go through a bridge over  Pirai river.

Santa Cruz de la Sierra is one of the 10 fastest growing cities on the continent. It's only city in Bolivia  with  2 airports near by. One is Viru-Viru and other one is El Trompillo.

This tour includes a  tour of the area with more surplus value in Bolivia such as the Urubo, a short visit to the this neighbourhood is possible

Cabañas del Rio Pirai as a place to eat  typical food like Cuñape, (a food made from manioc-flour, water, and cheese, mixed together and baked) Sonso (a food made from manioc, water, and cheese mixed together and baked)

If after visiting these places there is time left. We drive to the Botanical Garden of the city of Santa Cruz. This tourisct attraction  is located 15/30 minutes from the city center. The driving time depends on the traffic.


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