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Sand Dunes 

 Sand Dunes
Regional park "Lomas de Arena"

Sand Dunes Lomas De Arena - Description

The main activities carried out in this park  are hiking in the sand, sandboarding. bird watching, some times is possible to see some animals like a sloths and many birds

The regional park Lomas De Arena  was created on September 7, 1990 by Supreme Decree No. 2291,It  has a surface of 13,326 hectares or 133.26 Km2. Its local name in spanish is "Lomas de Arena"  is in the following 

The park has private properties dedicated to livestock and country houses of rest for the owners who live and work in the city of Santa Cruz It has an  interpretation centre with the necessary infrastructure to be the starting point of some activities like ecotourism or didactic. But unfortunately it does not work regularly.

The main  attraction for locals at the Lomas de Arena was  a lagoon which used to be at the centre of the main sand dunes. Now not even in the rain season there water where the small lake used to be.

Camping could be allowed  in the area. You should ask first. And you must bring all your own equipment. As it is a protected natural area, Hunting, fishing and fires are prohibited and you must respect nature and keep the area clean. What you unpack in you must pack out,including any trash you generate while you are there.

It is sad to see the  negligence on waste handling. Most of times on top of the sand dunes are plastic bottles and beer cans thrown on top of the dunes are common. Many city visitors do not have the education necessary to know how to handle the waste or are not enough trash cans. The park administration needs to give written recommendations  to visitors on this aspect. 

Las Lomas de arena  are about 17 km from the centre of the city of Santa Cruz .. But it is necessary to take into account that the last 6 or 7 kms are very sandy.

Next to the  dunes there is a hotel or lodge type. This place does not work regularly.

Sand Dunes - Lomas de Arena 


some people go sandbording

Lomas De Arena - Sand Dunes - Videos

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