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Bolivia Travel - The Best Tours 

Destinations in the green part of Bolivia
Santa Cruz & El Beni 

Bolivia Travel - El Beni Bolivia

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The Best Destinations In this part of South America - Santa Cruz - El Beni 

 Some Destinations

During your Bolivia Travel you could visit a world unique national park is Kaa Iya with three million hectares, the Kaa-Iya Park is larger than Belgium. With a population of 1,000 jaguars, it is one of the best preserved natural sanctuaries in the world. Amboro Tours is  proud to be pioneers in organize eco-trips to this park

We also offers special destinations to the Amazonian of  Amboro National Park. On the North Side and the South side. The topography of Amboro National Park Protected Area is sharply divided into two parts by the abrupt emergence of the Andean mountains from the relatively flat lowlands to the Noth and the East

At Amboro  vast Amazon jungle many different types of vegetation can be found, from the humid tropical forest to the low lands to the  cactus desert of the  valleys Mesotermicos and cloud forest of the temperate zone;  and within  each zone there is an almost infinite  number  of habitats both for plants and animals. 

Tours of one day or  two days to Samaipata and Giant Ferns are  good options. Or a combination of Samaipata and Amboro South side, Refugio Los Volcanes

Another very special national park is Noel Kempf M. We operate both sides of this park. The North Side and the South Side. Noel Kempff National Park is a spectacular biological reserve of 1.5 million hectares.

The bolivian Pantanal is  considered  the  primary source of the Paraguay River and also the  most rich in biodiversity. Compared with the brasilian part It is much less visited by tourists and within this area there are two natural reserves, One is San Matias in the North side of the bolivian Pantanal and Otuquis National park in the South part of it. All this helps it to be  least altered than brazilian part. The biggest wet land of the world is also our destination. In El Pantanal we go to Rio Negro incluiding  Tres Gigantes lodge. And Otuquis National park 

Ruta Del Che . During this trip is possible to visit Vallegrande.

The Gran Chiquitania of Santa Cruz has many destinations including the Jesuit Missiones of Chiquitos, Chochis with Santiago de Chiquitos and Aguas Calientes.

Hostels & Hostels In Santa Cruz Bolivia  /  Hotels & Hostels In La Chiquitania

El Beni 

El Beni is a huge flat  landscape furrowed  by many rivers and with thousands of lakes. El Beni has many undiscovered touristic destination with a great future for Bolivia conservation. These is a short list of tours in El Beni  Bella Vista Tucunare - Los Lagos Lodge - Chuchini

Full Day

 BuenaVista  -  Samaipata  -  Jesuit M.Chiquitos - Amboro North Side

Short Excursions

-  Mennonites Colonies 

- Sand Dunes / Lomas De Arena

- City Tours

- Botanical Garden

- Jungle Trekking Private Park

More about Conservation

*Groups of 4 Visitors - **It is with ovenight in Camping. Does not includes Entrance Fee / Insurance

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