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 Amboro Park Macunucu Tours

Amboro Park Macunucu

Creation  - Amboro National park 

Amboro National park is  big piece of land is adjacent to Cerro Amboro. it was  officially declared a protected area on  the 23rd December  1973. But it was not until August 1984 that was legally given the status of National park (ANP)  and received some protection from immigrants  campesinos,  hunters and logging companies. In october 1991 the park triangular area of 400.000 acres was enlarged to 1.500.000 acres by Supreme Decree.  In october 1995 Amboro National Park was reduced to1.000.000 acres when  its peripheral third was downgraded to an integrated management 

   Amboro Park Macunucu Tours

Amboro Park Macunucu Tours.  Macuñucu used to be  a very frequently destination for visitors, but due to reasons that can not be written  on this website most tour operators stopped going to Macuñucu.  These reasons involved the inhabitants of these communities that are migrants from the  highlands of Bolivia.

Streams in Macanucu

Amboro National Macunucu tours is a large wilderness of one and a half million acres that straddles the eastern foothills of the Andean mountains in the Department of Santa Cruz, Bolivia.I lies edactly at the point  where the Andean cordllera turns abruptly north-west, and continues towards southern Peru. After having run 3,000 miles due north from Tierra del Fuego. This elbow and its low-lying hiterland is the meeting point of four very different geographical zones, the southern rim of the Amazona basin (with its humid tropical forest) the western edge of the brasilian  shield (with its sub-tropical deciduous forest) limit of the temperate woodland ofh the Chaco and the very diverse subtropical and temparate forest of the Andean mountains themselves.  It is not surprising then to find that the park contains eleven Holdridge Life Zones (the same as the whole of Costa Rica) from the warn humid foret of the lowlands to the cactus deserts adn cloud forestof the uplands

This mosaic of ecosystems  shelters a correspondingly rich diversity of plants and animals and Amboro´s unique position - lying as it does on the elbow of the Andes - is a major thoroughfare  (a bottleneck if you like) around wich many migranting species have to pass to reach their wintering grounds

Since Amboró National Park  is essentially a wild jumble of teep hills and deep rivers valleys, much if it inaccessible to even the most determined investigator, this account of its avifauna is presented in the knowledge that we still have a great deal more to learn. And, as this guide has been prepared with the intention  of putting,  bird and man together (at the latter´s convenience), it include information on place mmediately adjacent to the Area´s legal boundary.

rivers valleys, much if it inaccessible to even the most determined investigator, this account of its avifauna is presented in the knowledge that we still have a great deal more to learn. And, as this guide has been prepared with the intention  of putting,  bird and man together (at the latter´s convenience), it include information on place mmediately adjacent to the Area´s legal boundary.

With 830 bird species, amboro contains 10% of the known avifauna, 25% of South America´ species, and fully 60% of thoses known to ocur in Bolivia. Nowwhere else in th eworl can the ornithologist find so many dfferent birds in one place.

But Amboro is not just a rich depository of birds, for as a major transition zone, with marked seasonal changes, it is a store house of pioneering plants and animals that share a inherent elasticity of genetic make-up that enables them to survive the vicissitudes of the climatic conditions. One may say: It is the place where Mother Nature beats out her species on Gods anvil o evolution.

We must hope that the bolivian goverment not only come to appreciate the true value of Amboro National park to mankind, but also its vulnerability and the importance of protecting it with the unreserve commitment it reserves. And the  migrants from the high land of Bolivia must stop destroying this water source 

Robin Clarke Gemuseus - Co-founder Amboro National Park -Buena Vista - Bolivia

Brief Program (Norht Side)Tours Take A Quick View !


Please read these details carefully before booking 

Sometimes (rarely) we have to change the entrance point to Amboro national park due to  weather conditions or road blockage.

Please take a look to our  brief standard itinerary for 1, 2 or 3 days tour to Amboro National park north side:

Items we suggest you to bring 

Bring only the things you are going to need in the park.

Please read carefully this list. Do not forget to bring you ORIGINAL passport/s or valid document in Bolivia. This is in case of police control down the road.  Or at any other moment. If you are staying overnight in community's RUSTICS cabins  you would not need any camping gear. Although these cabins have sheets, mosquito's net and blankets, you may want to bring your own sleeping bag. (These cabins are managed by the community.) Also please bring your own toilet paper and towel. Please note that Amboro Tours nowadays is not longer working with these cabins due to a forest fire in the year 2023

 It is a good idea to bring a big backpack if you go for 2 days or more.  

You may want to bring your big backpack, because you need to carry your bottles of water and your belongings from/to  the car to the cabins ( You never leave alone your valuable items not even in the cabins) Having your hands free during trekking is important  

 Amboro National Park North Side
How much does it cost?

(In North American dollars / Per person)

Overnight in Camping

3 Days 2 Nights 

2 visitors; $ 220.- 

4 Visitors; $ 180.-

2 Days 1 Night   

2 visitors;  $ 159.-

4 Visitors;$ 120.-

1 Days 0 Night   

2 visitors; $120.- /

4 Visitors;$ 77.-

The prices Includes

Down town pickup /Drop off, Meals- (Ask for details)Transport - Local Spanish speaking guide - Bottled water - Camping / Tents Rustic cabins to stay overnight.  Trekking in the jungle paths and some short night trekking also.

It does NOT include

- Entrance fee (Bs 100.- per person)  

 - Airport or Bus terminal Transfers

- Any other item not mentioned in the including list.

More visitors in a group means better prices per person 

We may have more people to join you. If this is the case the cost per person is cheaper. But it is NOT always for  sure, because the other possible visitors some times  have not paid yet. 

Please read really carefully our terms and conditions of our services

(If you confirm this tour you would need to sign our Terms & Conditions,  when you meet us)

Usually to book a tour you need to pay a part  of the cost of the tour in advance. But if you are booking one day before or on the last minute / booking on line, you have to pay the whole cost of the service when the driver goes to pick you up. It necessary to pay in cash. In  Bs ( BoB) or $ (North American dollars).  

Please  DO NOT  take credit cards.

Although you can pay the downpayment  with credit cards through Tab

A good way to confirm a tour in advance is through Western Union or through Tab with a  $ 50 or $ 100.- payment. If Western Union is fine with you   we have to send you the info for the money transfer, or we can send a link for Tab. It also con be done through bank transfers. But the bank's commissions can be higher. In you are in Bolivia a bank deposit is possible without paying any commissions. 

Please - We have Some Questions

Are all the participants over 18 years old ? 

Is your physical condition  good ? 

Do you know how to swim ?

Are you vegetarian ? 

Any allergies ?

Do you have any surgery that we/the guide know about ? 

We would need to know the name, address,  and phone number of the place where you are staying in down town Santa Cruz city. (Inside 1st Ring)  This is to know where to pick you up.

Also we need you full name, passport number (Or other document valid in Bolivia) and nationality...

Be aware that this tour can be an adventure. 

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