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Adventure Travel In Bolivia

Adventure travel in Bolivia there are so many places to be discovered.  Bolivia is one of the biggest country in South  America  with only about 11 millions inhabitants.  

Ecotourism in Bolivia  is in a very early stage.  About all tour operators offer or travel to the same old destinations. Or they  are only very good  at internet  raking. It not the case of Amboro Tours  

Adventure Travel Destinations

Our trips can have   destinations attractions  in the national parks or other places in the immense Amazonia or pampas of the green part of Bolivia.  In some cases even well known destinations have become a very hard tour to be accomplish. These can be the case of Caparu Plaeau in Noel kempf National park. Still in Noel Kempf park El Encanto Waterfall is longer possible to visite it due to the bad conditions of the old road.

But  thanks to hard work of a tour operator of Santa Cruz city  a new destination is now available in this national park. The new great destination  took a great amount of effort, but finally  was possible to take a group of visitors  to this place.

In the las  20 years  many people and institutions had tried to find an old trail to this attraction but all had failed.

This place is a  beautifull  lake of about 12.000 hectares called Laguna Chaplin. The wildlife of this place is abundant, and fish are more than one type. More about Chaplin Lake 

The green part of Bolivia can be a very high exciting  experience  these places are  off the beaten track and  where  the visitors have to be very aware of the conditions of these tours.

Amboro national park is a park very near the city of Santa Cruz But even here an adventure  can take place because the interior of the park is vey hard to get through.   In order to have  a real adventure travel  in this park and to be of the beaten track of the other visitors you need at leat 3 days  starting from the city of santa cruz  and heading to  the north side of the pak

Some excursions may  also can take place in  remote destinations where never a  tourist have been before 

The groups are not bigger than 6 visitors and most of the time our groups will not see another groups

Remote Travel Adventure

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