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Mennonites Tours Reviews

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Helped us out at the last minute!

Reviewed 11 October 2015

Helped us out at the last minute!

We did a farm tour on the outskirts of Santa Cruz, in a Mennonite area. It was unfortunately a rather long trip, which made it a bit difficult for the kids to keep interested, but they enjoyed the farm itself. The farmland is beautifully kept and we learned some of the rich history of the Mennonite community. We also visited the local store and sampled some of the fresh cheese - delicious! 

We were stranded in Santa Cruz by a flight change and so wanted to do a tour at short notice. It was great that Marcos could organise it for us. It might have been easier still if Amboro had some sort of on-line payment facility, however they kindly found an alternate way to satisfy the admin requirements.

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