Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden Of Santa Cruz

The sub-humid forest of the plain lands of Santa Cruz and the seasonally 

flooded Chaco forest of the department of Santa Cruz are the two large plants

formations, that converge in the 186-hectare Botanical Garden of Santa Cruz. And 

represent a part of the great beauty of the East Bolivian.

The Technical scientific research, the collection and the taxonomic classification of 

specimens with the reproduction of unique species are factors that we develop to 

guarantee the enrichment and perpetuity of this privileged region. 

The Botanical Garden promotes recreation with a programmatic and systematic 

orientation of those who visit us. We are an institutional with the objective of  

environmental education.

This is why it is very important the participation of schools, universities and 

companies who should be the protagonists to define and transfer strategies of 

preservation of our environment.

The Botanical Garden of Santa Cruz has its own spaces where training events in big 

groups can be teach. These are  auditoriums and other facilities

The botanical Garden can offers:

Ecological walks. A unique experience

Camping Area.


Auditorium room for 80 people with air conditioning and sound

Ecological trails

Sale of platines and organic fertilizer.


Spacious Gardens



The botanical garden or Jardin Botanico is only a few minutes from Santa cruz city down town.

its preserves  native plants vegetation like Cactus, Palms, and orchids in a special closed place.

The Botanical Garden is about 5 kms from the main plaza. this regional park has 186 hectares with a 

Chaco forest, you can find hiking trails where if you walk looking around you have great chances of seeing sloths or monkeysand of course many species of birds. The botanical garden of Santa Cruz has small lagoon and two observations towers.

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