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Amboro Tours Reviews
 Commentaries - Tripadvisor

Amboro Tours Reviews 
 Commentaries - Tripadvisor

1 Day Trip - North Side

April 12 2018

We had a great time and the overall organization was very smooth. All involved parties were there at the agreed time, 4x4 driver had skills and the guide knew what to look for in the jungle.

Only negative aspects were the very unacceptable "sanitary facilities" in the Buena Vista office after the first part of the drive and the van for the way back in the evening, which was not comfortable for the Bolivian road. Also, it serves as a great advantage if you have a fluent Spanish speaker among you, as the guide can share his incredible knowledge in Spanish only. Considering the things improved, I would definitely recommend doing the tour to the north side. Amboro Tours Reviews

Very Adventurous During The Rain Season

March 16 2018

We went for the two-days/ one-night trip to the North side of the Amboro park. We went during the rain season, so it was indeed an adventure. Our guide Miguel was very friendly. And even though he only spoke Spanish, we understood most of what he said, as he was explaining everything in easy Spanish and with gestures. 

Be aware that this is not an easy going tourist trip. You'll get the real thing. You might be walking through some rivers to reach your cabin and get back (rain season). Also the cabin itself will inhabit some bugs and spiders - that's the jungle.

Still, we enjoyed the trip as we definitely got our adventure!

Jesuit Mission Trip - Great Experience  - Amboro Tours Reviews

26 February 2018

I have high standards and was very happy with the entire trip - pre, during and post trip. Clear, direct and supportive. The trip was long but enjoyable with lots of cool history. Professional and reliable. Highly recommended

Wonderful stay in refugio Los Volcanes - Amboro Tours Reviews

12 February 2018

We booked our tour at Amboro Tours to the refugio. This is an absolutely wonderful place to stay at the edge of Amboro park. Marcos gave us all the info about the tour, after the visit to the office we stayed in touch through WhatsApp which was very easy and he responded quickly. From SC, we drove to the refugio where we had a good lunch and then went for a hike. The hikes were a bit shorter than we hoped for but it was not really a problem. You really are in a jungle area and the guides explained about animals and plants. The rooms were good, clean and tidy and it was nice to relax in the hammocks. All in all it was totally worth our money!

Noel Kempf Mercado National Park - Amboro Tours Reviews

8 December 2017

Before coming to Bolivia, I was determined to visit Noel Kempf Mercado National Park. It’s one of the last, great wildernesses on earth. And that’s exactly what I wanted to experience. It is not as easy as it used to be to visit this park and one agency after another turned be down flat. But Marcos told me it was possible. We exchanged a few emails while I was still in the UK and we spoke in person when I arrived in Santa Cruz. This sort of trip requires planning. But Marcos organised everything and I left at the end of October for an 11 night tour which included overland travel to and from the park. Amboro Tours Reviews

I had 2 guides with me which is essential for this type of trip. They picked me up in a taxi from my hotel and we took an overnight bus to San Ignacio de Velasco. And from there we took a couple of private taxis to El Refugio. A beautiful lodge on Río Paraguas. The wildlife there is amazing. The birds especially. But I also saw Giant River Otters, Tayra, Agouti and many Yacaré Caiman close to the lodge. It is possible to take a canoe onto the river which is well worth it.

We then spent 6 nights in the bush. We walked through pampas, then spent 2 nights in the jungle where I saw Black Spider Monkey, Capuchin Monkey, White-Lipped Peccary, so many signs of Tapir and so, so many birds - hummingbirds, toucans, macaws, guans... The range of butterflies is quite astonishing and they come in all colours of the rainbow. We then climbed up onto the Meseta. The views back over the jungle are incredible. We spent 2 nights on the Meseta. I saw Pampas Deer and many signs of Giant Armadillo, Giant Anteater and Tapir. From the second camp we visited the pool at Huanchaca Dos where we’d intended to swim but were put off by the 5m Green Anaconda! On the way back we spent one more night in the jungle and one in the pampas before returning to El Refugio.

The walking was tough and it’s not easy coping with an environment where so many things want to bite and sting you. However, it was an incredible experience. One of the toughest things I’ve ever done but one of the most rewarding. I’ve written up the entire trip in my blog. If you would like to read it, please send me a message as TripAdvisor won’t allow me to include the link.

Beautiful Jesuit Mission Tour And Extension

16 November 2017

We took a 4D/3N Jesuit mission tour with this agency. The price was acceptable and dealing with Marcos straightforward, with quick and easy communication either by email or whatsapp. The tour had a tight schedule, best would have been to do it in 4.5/5 days, but allowed us to see 5 missions out of 6, plus Tucavaca, Chochis and Aguas Calientes, amazing places to visit.

Carlos, our driver and guide was a great guy to deal with, passionate and informative, with reasonable English, a lovely person to talk to, safe and fast driver. Accomodations were basic but decent, very good food around.

Unfortunately we were forced to complete our tour in 3 days due to a local strike (with road blockage) that forced us to be back in Santa Cruz at the end of day 3. But that was unpredictable, nobody's fault.

Part of the adventure was also the broken car engine at 12km from Santa Cruz, but Carlos eventually managed to get us to our hostel late at night. 4 intense days with excellent guides at the relevant amazing missions. Would do it again (with minor changes and in 4 longer days).

Amboro Tours Reviews

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